BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterDeclare fast forward from 0.20180719-1Simon McVittie11 days
archive/debian/0.20180719-2commit 83219d5794...Simon McVittie11 days
debian/0.20180719-2commit ae075cfa52...Simon McVittie11 days
debian/0.20140613commit 1fc8c417e3...Joey Hess5 years
debian/0.20140419commit 8c57032ac1...Joey Hess6 years
debian/0.20140227commit 2f609f1653...Joey Hess6 years
debian/0.20130926commit d63ae82be2...Joey Hess6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
11 daysDeclare fast forward from 0.20180719-1HEADarchive/debian/0.20180719-2masterSimon McVittie
11 daysshut up apache2ctl configtest outputJoey Hess
11 daysAvoid running apache2ctl graceful which may restart apache, instead use the s...Joey Hess
11 daysAvoid directly running init scripts, instead use the service command.Joey Hess
10 daysRelease to unstabledebian/0.20180719-2Simon McVittie
11 daysFix: damon typoYaroslav Halchenko
11 daysAdd patches from upstream to avoid calling apache2ctl directlySimon McVittie
11 dayswipSimon McVittie
11 daysd/control: Declare compliance with Debian Policy 4.4.1Simon McVittie
11 daysd/control: Depend on python3-docutils instead of python-docutilsSimon McVittie