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"Why would anyone need another CD ripper / MP3 encoder frontend?"

If you just need everything that is new, download it here. Be sure to read the system requirements. It's quite likely that you do not have the correct python version.

10-Jan-2000 New Version (2.99.0-pre) "ain't it dead yet". I'm about to do some major restructuring on jack, i.e. breaking it up into modules, so the installation has changes slightly. Read INSTALL. Cdparanoia 9.7 is now supported, so is xingmp3enc (the latter being untested). You can now use a local freedb dir. Yes, all bugs fixed, especially those concerning the image-reader. TOC file reading has been completely rewritten, it is now 100% bug-free (as if). Please, everybody try this version and gimme some feedback.
05-Nov-1999 New Version (2.2.5-pre). Still no documentation updates. Fixes 2.2.4's renaming bug. Doh.
04-Nov-1999 New Version (2.2.4-pre). No documentation updates (again). Two bugs fixed, one newly introduced. "desperate" mode for those who can't get curses mode to work. Jack now has 3333 lines of code.
04-Nov-1999 New Version (2.2.3-pre). No documentation updates (again). Reintroduced free space checking by calling df for all those (RedHat?) users who had an error with statvfs. Whoever built those rpms should be punished. rename_underscore has been replaced by something more flexible, now you can replace characters by multiple characters (like "ä" to "ae"), kill characters from the filename to be used and, of course, replace those spaces by underlines. New DAE tools: cdda2wav (finally!) and dagrab (untested as it doesn't like my Plextor). All bug fixed, of course.
22-Oct-1999 New Version (2.2.2-pre). If you get an error like "AttributeError: TIOCWINSZ", try this version. It is shipped with 2.2.0 documentation as I didn't have time to update it yet. Changes: all bugs fixed :), new features. Wait for the final version for details.
19-Aug-1999 New Version (2.2.0). New curses mode, looks much better, scroll through the status screen if it doesn't fit in your terminal. I recommend not to use XTermset any longer as it is no longer needed. The usual bugfixes are there, too, check the changelog.
18-Aug-1999 I really want to add support for the Xing encoder. Does anyone want to pay the registration fee for me? It's only $19 I think.
09-Aug-1999 New Version (2.1.0), all bugs fixed (of course!), new features like on-the-fly operation.
19-Jul-1999 Big OOPS. Version 2.0.0 contained (at least) two "brown paper bag" bugs: first, jack tried to chdir into newly created dirs twice (one time too much), this gets you the "could not create or change to..." error. Second, the dirs were created in the wrong sequence, so instead of "artist/album" you get "album/artist". Upgrade to 2.0.1, get it from the download page.
16-Jul-1999 None of the beta testers complained, so I released version 2.0.0. Much has changed, most notably I restructured the beast a bit so that Jack no longer needs threads. It's now much easier to get it to work. Jack should (finally!) run on FreeBSD and most other unices. Jack can now create (and name according to freedb data) directories.
01-Jul-1999 Released version 1.3.5. Support for tosha(gettoc&DAE) has been added, a few non-critical bugs have been fixed.
29-Jun-1999 Released version 1.3.4. Version 1.3.3 contained a bug where it could wrongly claim that you inserted the wrong CD if track 01 doesn't start at block 0. The TOC file format changed, too, so better have them re-generated.
27-Jun-1999 Released version 1.3.3. see the changelog for details
rearranged the pages a bit. I know the layout still sux, if you have time to waste, let me know.

What's it all about?

Jack has been developed with one main goal: making MP3s without having to worry. There is nearly no way that an incomplete rip goes unnotices, e.g. jack compares WAV and MP3 filesizes when continuing from a previous run. Jack also checks your HD space before doing anything (even keeps some MB free).

You can take a look at jack working, there are even some explanations.

Jack is different from other such tools in a number of ways:

Of course, all other "obvious" features are included, too: You may want to read more on intallation and usage.
Because it is not just "point-and-click" I put up some examples.
Perhaps you want to know what Jack has todo.
For your amusement, read the FAQ!

Please send feedback to the address below. Yes I wanna hear about all the typos I've made.

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