BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masteruse-term.jsDebian Python Modules Team9 months
archive/debian/5.7.4-2commit 8daa7923ef...Andrej Shadura9 months
debian/5.7.4-2commit 78d204abed...Andrej Shadura9 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-03-09use-term.jsHEADarchive/debian/5.7.4-2masterDebian Python Modules Team
2019-03-09compatibility changes for an older version of xtermGordon Ball
2019-03-09Don't try and patch bootstrap lessGordon Ball
2019-03-09Ignore errors in documentation notebooks during buildGordon Ball
2019-03-09Debian-specific hack to fix upstream's (non-)incremental buildXimin Luo
2019-03-09Work around Luo
2019-03-09Call lessc with --source-map-basepath option for reproducibilityXimin Luo
2019-03-09jquery-ui 1.12 compatibility changesGordon Ball
2019-03-09Use local MathJax in documentationGordon Ball
2019-03-09Nodejs binary and import namesGordon Ball