BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterFinalize changes for 3.1-2Russ Allbery15 months
archive/debian/3.1-2commit d1c0f80d47...Russ Allbery15 months
debian/3.1-2commit d1c0f80d47...Russ Allbery15 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-08-26Finalize changes for 3.1-2HEADdebian/3.1-2archive/debian/3.1-2masterRuss Allbery
2018-08-26Move packaging repository to salsa.debian.orgRuss Allbery
2018-08-26Orphan the packageRuss Allbery
2018-08-26Remove versioned dependency constraints satisfied by oldstableRuss Allbery
2018-08-26Remove old Breaks and Replaces against krb5-syncRuss Allbery
2018-08-26Remove some trailing whitespace in changelogRuss Allbery
2018-08-26Update to debhelper compatibility level V11Russ Allbery
2018-08-26Run wrap-and-sort -astRuss Allbery
2018-08-26Refresh upstream signing keyRuss Allbery
2018-08-26Bump watch file version to 4 and use https for URLRuss Allbery