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* Upload ldm-themes 15.01.2 to unstable.HEADdebian/15.01.2masterVagrant Cascadian2015-01-05
* Fix logo for lines theme to be truly transparent.Vagrant Cascadian2015-01-05
* Upload ldm-themes 15.01.1 to unstable.debian/15.01.1Vagrant Cascadian2015-01-04
* Updated changelog.Vagrant Cascadian2015-01-03
* Add lines greeter-gtkrc based on joy with some adjusted colors.Vagrant Cascadian2015-01-03
* List lines theme in package description.Vagrant Cascadian2015-01-02
* Update alternatives for ldm-theme to prefer lines, and remove lines onVagrant Cascadian2015-01-02
* Add lines theme files.Vagrant Cascadian2015-01-02
* Generate bg.png from background.svg in debian/rules.Vagrant Cascadian2015-01-02
* Add lines theme using background.svg from desktop-base sources, anVagrant Cascadian2015-01-02
* ldm-themes (12.07.1) unstable; urgency=lowVagrant Cascadian2012-07-13