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+#ifndef __DIGIDOCCSP_H__
+#define __DIGIDOCCSP_H__
+// FILE: DigDocCsp.h
+// PROJECT: Digi Doc
+// DESCRIPTION: CSP Functions
+// AUTHOR: Veiko Sinivee, S|E|B IT Partner Estonia
+// Copyright (C) AS Sertifitseerimiskeskus
+// This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
+// modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
+// License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
+// version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
+// This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
+// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
+// Lesser General Public License for more details.
+// GNU Lesser General Public Licence is available at
+//==========< HISTORY >=============================
+// 1.0 09.05.2002 Veiko Sinivee
+#ifdef __cplusplus
+extern "C" {
+#define EST_EID_CSP "EstEID Card CSP"
+typedef struct CSProvider_st {
+ char* CSPName;
+ int rsa_full; // if FALSE RSA_SIG will be used
+ int at_sig; //// if FALSE AT_KEYEXCHANGE will be used
+} CSProvider;
+// general structure for a list of certificates
+typedef struct CertItem_st {
+ X509* pCert;
+ struct CertItem_st* nextItem;
+} CertItem;
+typedef struct CertSearchStore_st {
+ int searchType;
+ char* storeName; // default is "My"
+ long certSerial;
+ int numberOfSubDNCriterias;
+ char** subDNCriterias;
+ int numberOfIssDNCriterias;
+ char** issDNCriterias;
+ void* publicKeyInfo;
+} CertSearchStore;
+typedef struct CertSearch_st {
+ int searchType;
+ char* x509FileName;
+ char* keyFileName;
+ char* pkcs12FileName;
+ char * pswd;
+ CertSearchStore* certSearchStore;
+} CertSearch;
+// Hashes and signes data with EstId card, returns also cert
+// which can be used in order to verify signature
+// IN dataToBeSigned - source data buffer
+// IN dataLen - how many bytes will be read from source buffer
+// OUT cert - cert buffer( corresponding private key was used to sign.), migth be NULL if this parameter is not needed.
+// OUT certLen - cert length in buffer, migth be NULL if cert parameter is not needed.
+// OUT keyBlob - public key's buffer, migth be NULL if this parameter is not needed.
+// OUT keyBlobLen - public key's length in buffer, migth be NULL if keyBlob parameter is not needed.
+// OUT hash - hash buffer, migth be NULL if this parameter is not needed.
+// OUT hashLen - hash length in buffer, migth be NULL if hash parameter is not needed.
+// OUT sign - output data buffer for hashed and signed data
+// OUT sigLen - data length in output buffer
+int GetSignParametersWithEstIdCSP(byte * dataToBeSigned,unsigned long dataLen,
+ X509 **x509, int *needCert,
+ byte *keyBlob, unsigned long *keyBlobLen,
+ byte *hash, unsigned long *hashLen,
+ byte *sign,unsigned long *sigLen);
+//EXP_OPTION int calculateSigInfoSignatureWithEstID(SignedDoc* pSigDoc, SignatureInfo* pSigInfo,
+// int slot, const char* passwd);
+//Added parameter iByKeyContainer by A.Amenberg 06062003
+EXP_OPTION int calculateSigInfoSignatureWithCSPEstID(SignedDoc* pSigDoc, SignatureInfo* pSigInfo, int iByKeyContainer, const char* szPin);
+EXP_OPTION X509 * findIssuerCertificatefromMsStore(X509 *x509);
+EXP_OPTION CertSearchStore* CertSearchStore_new();
+EXP_OPTION void CertSearchStore_free(CertSearchStore* certSearchStore);
+EXP_OPTION CertSearch* CertSearch_new();
+EXP_OPTION void CertSearch_free(CertSearch* certSearch);
+EXP_OPTION void CertList_free(CertItem* pListStart);
+EXP_OPTION void CertSearch_setX509FileName(CertSearch* certSearch, const char* str);
+EXP_OPTION void CertSearch_setKeyFileName(CertSearch* certSearch, const char* str);
+EXP_OPTION void CertSearch_setPkcs12FileName(CertSearch* certSearch, const char* str);
+EXP_OPTION void CertSearch_setPasswd(CertSearch* certSearch, const char* str);
+EXP_OPTION CSProvider * getCurrentCSProvider(BOOL tryToFindIfMissing);
+EXP_OPTION X509* findCertificate(const CertSearch * cS);
+EXP_OPTION int findAllCertificates(const CertSearchStore *sS, X509 ***certsArray, int *numberOfCerts);
+EXP_OPTION int Digi_readCertificateByPKCS12OnlyCertHandle(const char *pkcs12file, const char * passwd, X509 **x509);
+EXP_OPTION int Digi_getConfirmationWithCertSearch(SignedDoc* pSigDoc, SignatureInfo* pSigInfo, char* pkcs12File, char* password,
+ char* notaryURL, char* proxyHost, char* proxyPort);
+EXP_OPTION int Digi_setNotaryCertificate(NotaryInfo* pNotary, X509* notCert);
+EXP_OPTION int Digi_verifyNotaryInfoWithCertSearch(const SignedDoc* pSigDoc, const NotaryInfo* pNotInfo);
+// verifies this one signature
+EXP_OPTION int Digi_verifySignatureInfo(const SignedDoc* pSigDoc, const SignatureInfo* pSigInfo,
+ const char* szDataFile);
+// verifies the whole document (returns on first err)
+EXP_OPTION int Digi_verifySigDoc(const SignedDoc* pSigDoc, const char* szDataFile);
+EXP_OPTION int Digi_verifySigDocWithCertSearch(const SignedDoc* pSigDoc, const char* szDataFile);
+#ifdef __cplusplus
+#endif \ No newline at end of file