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+#ifndef __DIGI_DOC_LIB_H__
+#define __DIGI_DOC_LIB_H__
+// FILE: DigiDocLib.h
+// PROJECT: Digi Doc
+// DESCRIPTION: Digi Doc functions for creating
+// and reading signed documents.
+// AUTHOR: Veiko Sinivee, S|E|B IT Partner Estonia
+// Copyright (C) AS Sertifitseerimiskeskus
+// This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
+// modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
+// License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
+// version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
+// This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
+// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
+// Lesser General Public License for more details.ode
+// GNU Lesser General Public Licence is available at
+//==========< HISTORY >=============================
+// 10.02.2004 Integrated
+// 02.01.2004 Veiko Sinivee
+// Added support for format 1.3
+// 29.10.2003 Aare Amenberg
+// Added some function headers
+// (needed for compiling COM)
+// 1.0 09.04.2002 Veiko Sinivee
+// Supports XML format (Type: SK-XML-1.0)
+#ifdef __cplusplus
+extern "C" {
+#include <openssl/x509.h>
+#include <openssl/ocsp.h>
+#include <libdigidoc/DigiDocMem.h>
+#include <libdigidoc/DigiDocDefs.h>
+#include <libdigidoc/DigiDocError.h>
+#include <libdigidoc/DigiDocObj.h>
+#include <libdigidoc/DigiDocVerify.h>
+//==========< data structures >====================
+// supported format and version combination
+typedef struct FormatAndVer_st {
+ char* szFormat;
+ char* szVersion;
+} FormatAndVer;
+//==========< admin functions >====================
+// returns the library name
+EXP_OPTION const char* getLibName();
+// returns the library version
+EXP_OPTION const char* getLibVersion();
+// returns an array of supported formats terminated by NULL
+EXP_OPTION const char** getSupportedFormats();
+// returns an array of supported formats and versions terminated by NULL
+EXP_OPTION FormatAndVer* getSupportedFormatsAndVersions();
+// returns the GUI version
+EXP_OPTION const char* getGUIVersion();
+// sets the GUI version
+EXP_OPTION void setGUIVersion(const char* szVer);
+// initializes error library
+EXP_OPTION void initDigiDocLib();
+// cleanup of error library
+EXP_OPTION void finalizeDigiDocLib();
+// trim leading and trailing whitespace
+EXP_OPTION char* trim(char* src);
+// Sets a string element of a struct to a new value
+EXP_OPTION int setString(char** dest, const char* value, int valLen);
+EXP_OPTION int checkFileExists(const char* szFileName);
+int ddocPullUrl(const char* url, DigiDocMemBuf* pSendData, DigiDocMemBuf* pRecvData,
+ const char* proxyHost, const char* proxyPort);
+// Cheks a combination of format and version for validity
+int ddocCheckFormatAndVer(const char* format, const char* version);
+// Converts timestamp (time_t) value to a struct
+// tm value. Caller must provide address of tm struct.
+// This function is used because loacltime() is not
+// thread-safe and win32 has no equvalent of localtime_r().
+// pTime - time_t value address
+// pTmStruct - struct tm address
+// bLocal - 1=localtime_r, 0=gmtime_r
+// returns error code or ERR_OK
+EXP_OPTION int ddocLocalTime(time_t* pTime, struct tm* pTmStruct, int bLocal);
+EXP_OPTION int getTempFileName(char* szFileName, int len);
+//==========< general crypto fucntions >============
+// calculates input files digest.
+// supports only SHA1
+EXP_OPTION int calculateFileDigest(const char* szFileName, int nDigestType,
+ byte* pDigestBuf, int* nDigestLen, long* lFileLen);
+// calculate file size
+EXP_OPTION int calculateFileSize(const char* szFileName, long* lFileLen);
+// calculates files RSA+SHA1 signature
+EXP_OPTION int calculateFileSignature(const char* szFileName, int nDigestType,
+ byte* pSigBuf, int* nSigLen,
+ const char *keyfile, const char* passwd);
+// sign some arbitrary daya
+EXP_OPTION int signData(const byte* data, int dlen, byte* pSigBuf, int* nSigLen,
+ int nDigestType, const char *keyfile, const char* passwd);
+// calculate digest over some arbitrary data
+EXP_OPTION int calculateDigest(const byte* data, int nDataLen, int nDigestType,
+ byte* pDigestBuf, int* nDigestLen);
+// Prepares a new signature for signing and calculates
+// the final hash value to sign.
+// pSigDoc - signed document object
+// ppSigInfo - pointer for address of newly allocated signature
+// manifest - manifest or role
+// city - signers address , city
+// state - signers address , state or province
+// zip - signers address , postal code
+// country - signers address , country name
+// id - id for new signature. Optional, use NULL for default
+// return returns error code or ERR_OK
+EXP_OPTION int ddocPrepareSignature(SignedDoc* pSigDoc, SignatureInfo** ppSigInfo,
+ const char* manifest, const char* city,
+ const char* state, const char* zip,
+ const char* country, X509* pCert, const char* id);
+// Returns the hash to be signed with or without ASN1
+// prefix and with or without base64 encoding
+// pSigInfo - signature address
+// pBuf - buffer for hash value with or without prefix
+// pBufLen - pointer to buffer length
+// enc - return 0=unencoded, 1=base64, 2=hex
+// bWithAsn1Prefix - return with or without ASN1 prefix 1/0
+// return returns error code or ERR_OK
+EXP_OPTION int ddocGetSignedHash(SignatureInfo* pSigInfo, char* pBuf, int* pBufLen, int enc, int bWithAsn1Prefix);
+//==========< XML generating functions >=================
+// thse functions generate certain XML form info, that
+// is used as input data for either signing or digesting
+// creates XML <SignedInfo> block (actually signed info)
+EXP_OPTION char* createXMLSignedInfo(const SignedDoc* pSigDoc, const SignatureInfo* pSigInfo);
+// creates XML mime type <SinatureProperty> block for signing
+EXP_OPTION int createMimeType(char* buf, const char* mime,
+ const char* sigId, const char* docId);
+//==========< memory mgmt functions >=================
+// Get the filename part of full file name
+EXP_OPTION const char* getSimpleFileName(const char* szFileName);
+// Get the absolute filename with path
+EXP_OPTION int getFullFileName(const char* szFileName, char* szDest, int len);
+// Get the path part of full file name
+ EXP_OPTION int getFileNamePath(const char* szFileName, char* szPath, int len);
+//------------------------ ??
+// Sets the signatures certificate and calculates
+EXP_OPTION int setSignatureCertFile(SignatureInfo* pSigInfo, const char* certFile);
+// Sets the signatures certificate and calculates it's digest
+EXP_OPTION int setSignatureCert(SignatureInfo* pSigInfo, X509* cert);
+// Sets the signature value
+EXP_OPTION int setSignatureValue(SignatureInfo* pSigInfo, byte* szSignature, int sigLen);
+// Sets the signature value from a file that contains
+// the base64 encoded signature value
+EXP_OPTION int setSignatureValueFromFile(SignatureInfo* pSigInfo, char* szSigFile);
+//================< certficate info functions> =================================
+// Decodes a signature value
+void decodeSignatureValue(const char* b64val, int b64len, char* value, int* vlen);
+// Returns the user signatures certificate data
+EXP_OPTION X509* getSignCertData(const SignatureInfo* pSignInfo);
+// Returns the notary signatures certificate data
+//EXP_OPTION X509* getNotCertData(const NotaryInfo* pNotInfo);
+//================< deprecated functions> =================================
+// these functions are deprecated. Use the replacements in DigiDocCert.h
+// these functions will be removed in future releases!
+// get signers id-code
+// USE: ddocCertGetSubjectPerCode(getSignCertData(pSignInfo), pMemBuf);
+EXP_OPTION int getSignerCode(const SignatureInfo* pSigInfo, char* buf);
+// get signers first name
+// USE: ddocCertGetSubjectFirstName(getSignCertData(pSignInfo), pMemBuf);
+EXP_OPTION int getSignerFirstName(const SignatureInfo* pSigInfo, char* buf);
+// get signers last name
+// USE: ddocCertGetSubjectLastName(getSignCertData(pSignInfo), pMemBuf);
+EXP_OPTION int getSignerLastName(const SignatureInfo* pSigInfo, char* buf);
+// get the whole signers CN in desired charset
+// USE: ddocCertGetSubjectCN(getSignCertData(pSignInfo), pMemBuf);
+EXP_OPTION int getSignerCN(const SignatureInfo* pSigInfo, char* buf, int bUTF8);
+void CorrectCharacters(char *psText);
+#ifdef __cplusplus
+#endif // __DIGI_DOC_LIB_H__