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* Use debhelper-compat = 12, bump S-VAndrej Shadura2019-01-08
* Orphan.debian/1.2-2Andrew Shadura2018-04-24
* Import Debian changes 1.2-1.1YunQiang Su2018-04-24
* Import Debian changes 1.2-1Andrew Shadura2018-04-24
* Merge.Andrew Shadura2014-07-01
| * Fix.Andrew Shadura2014-06-21
| * Update config.sub and config.guess on build.Andrew Shadura2014-06-21
* | Update the changelogAndrew Shadura2014-07-01
* | Update Vcs fields.Andrew Shadura2014-06-30
* | Update the homepage URLAndrew Shadura2014-06-30
* | Update to the latest upstream snapshotAndrew Shadura2014-06-21
* Update the changelog.Andrew Shadura2013-10-22
* Merge.Andrew Shadura2013-10-22
| * Remove myself from Uploaders.Jakub Wilk2013-09-23
* | Import 1.1-2.Andrew Shadura2013-10-22
* change priority to optionalAndrew Shadura2011-12-20
* update the changelogAndrew Shadura2011-12-20
* honour CPPFLAGSAndrew Shadura2011-12-20
* update the changelogAndrew Shadura2011-12-20
* don't patch configure, run autoreconf insteadAndrew Shadura2011-12-20
* update the changelogAndrew Shadura2011-12-02
* update copyright yearsAndrew Shadura2011-12-02
* add some verbosity about multiarchAndrew Shadura2011-12-02
* update the changelogAndrew Shadura2011-12-02
* override package-needs-versioned-debhelper-build-dependsAndrew Shadura2011-12-02
* add multiarch supportAndrew Shadura2011-12-01
* fix nameAndrew Shadura2011-12-01
* require mowgli 0.7.0, not 0.9.50Andrew Shadura2011-12-01
* update the changelogAndrew Shadura2011-12-01
* fix last nameAndrew Shadura2011-12-01
* update the changelogAndrew Shadura2011-12-01
* update to the new upstream release; drop patchesAndrew Shadura2011-12-01
* fix debian/watchAndrew Shadura2011-12-01
* Refresh patches using -ab, no timestamps, no index.Jakub Wilk2011-05-02
* Add myself to uploaders.Jakub Wilk2011-05-02
* strip unimportant digit of policy versionAndrew O. Shadoura2011-05-02
* bump the changelog dateAndrew O. Shadoura2011-05-01
* bump Standards-VersionAndrew O. Shadoura2011-05-01
* our users don't need to have mowgli.h; hide include from them (plus fix the e...Andrew O. Shadoura2011-04-18
* don't compress the exampleAndrew O. Shadoura2011-04-02
* use $(CURDIR) instead of $(PWD): guaranteed to workAndrew O. Shadoura2011-04-02
* populate CFLAGS and LDFLAGS using dpkg-buildflagsAndrew O. Shadoura2011-04-02
* don't be hackish: use version script to hide symbolsAndrew O. Shadoura2011-04-02
* use versioned dependency against autotools-devAndrew O. Shadoura2011-04-01
* fix autotools-dev invocationAndrew O. Shadoura2011-03-31
* drop redundant build-depsAndrew O. Shadoura2011-03-31
* use dh_clean to clean up the working directoryAndrew O. Shadoura2011-03-29
* move tests to dh_auto_testAndrew O. Shadoura2011-03-29
* make sure we can load the just compiled libraryAndrew O. Shadoura2011-03-29
* make license statement a bit more verboseAndrew O. Shadoura2011-03-29