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* New upstream version 1.2Andrew Shadura2018-04-24
* Update to the latest upstream snapshotAndrew Shadura2014-06-21
* revert the accidentally deleted guess_tab.c fileAndrew O. Shadoura2011-05-01
* our users don't need to have mowgli.h; hide include from them (plus fix the e...Andrew O. Shadoura2011-04-18
* don't be hackish: use version script to hide symbolsAndrew O. Shadoura2011-04-02
* add tests; run them during the build processAndrew O. Shadoura2011-03-28
* add a patch to fix the UTF-8 DFAAndrew O. Shadoura2011-03-26
* restore compatibility with historic libguess versionsAndrew O. Shadoura2011-03-20
* fix the symbolsAndrew O. Shadoura2011-03-19
* add accidentally deleted Makefile backAndrew O. Shadoura2011-03-19
* hide internal symbolsAndrew O. Shadoura2011-03-19
* apply the patchAndrew O. Shadoura2011-03-19
* really fix the format stringAndrew O. Shadoura2011-03-19
* harness.c: Format '%ld' expects type 'long int', but argument 2 has type 'siz...Andrew O. Shadoura2011-03-19
* one more forgotten fileAndrew O. Shadoura2010-10-10
* Add support for baltic region.William Pitcock2010-07-02
* guessconv: Show input and output files if defined.William Pitcock2010-07-02
* polish: add more sequences not documented officially in CP1250 specification.William Pitcock2010-07-02
* Make libguess_validate_utf8() available.William Pitcock2010-07-02
* Install libguess.h.William Pitcock2010-07-02
* Import libguess (based on audacious sources).William Pitcock2010-07-02