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* Add pkg-config dependency.Andrew Shadura2014-06-17
* Update the homepage.Andrew Shadura2014-06-17
* Update to libmowgli 2.0.0Andrew Shadura2014-01-28
* Update config.sub and config.guess on build (Closes: #727414).Andrew Shadura2014-01-28
* Fix FTBFS with newer dh.Andrew Shadura2013-10-22
* don't use autotools-dev, we have dh-autoreconfAndrew Shadura2012-04-02
* remove unused build-dependenciesAndrew Shadura2012-04-02
* extend package descriptions (wtf)Andrew Shadura2012-03-31
* Stop depending on ourselves. Well, not literally, but at least we'dAndrew Shadura2012-03-30
* call autoreconfAndrew Shadura2012-03-30
* use dh9Andrew Shadura2012-03-30
* multiarchifyAndrew Shadura2012-03-30
* move packaging to hgAndrew Shadura2012-03-30
* bump S-VAndrew Shadura2012-03-30
* set myself as a maintainer (with ack from Patrick)Andrew Shadura2012-03-30
* fix the descriptionsAndrew Shadura2011-11-28
* fix homepageAndrew Shadura2011-11-28
* remove duplicate section fieldAndrew Shadura2011-11-28
* fix vcxs-browser fieldAndrew Shadura2011-11-28
* merge changes from PatrickAndrew Shadura2011-11-28
* merge changes from PatrickAndrew Shadura2011-11-28
* use dh7Andrew Shadura2011-11-17
* add debian directoryAndrew Shadura2011-11-17