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cache of CA certificates and CRLs. This is particularly useful for
regularly updating CRLs.
Some logging has been made more informative
-Additional features in devel-20081006
+2008-12-04 1.3-alpha
Support for TCP and DTLS transports (type tcp, type dtls)
Listen... options can be specified multiple times
Dynamic server discovery
DuplicateInterval option in client block for specifying for how
long a request/reply shall be stored for duplicate detection
-Additional features in devel-20081106
Support for RADIUS TTL (hopcount) attribute. Decrements value of
the TTL attribute if present, discards message if becomes 0.
If addTTL option is used, the TTL attribute is added with the
specified value if the forwarded message does not have one.
PolicyOID option can be used to require certain CA policies.
+2009-02-18 1.3-beta
+ Client and Server blocks may contain multiple host options.
+ Configure (Makefile) options for specifying which transports
+ should be supported in a build.