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initial autoconf support
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@@ -2,7 +2,9 @@ This is a beta version of a generic RADIUS proxy that can support
various RADIUS clients over UDP or TLS (RadSec).
It should build on most Linux and BSD platforms by simply typing
-"make". To use it you need to create a config file called
+"make". You may also try to use autoconf if you like.
+To use it you need to create a config file called
"radsecproxy.conf" which must be in /etc/radsecproxy (unless
you alter it in the header file), the current directory, or
you can specify the location with the "-c" command line
@@ -16,6 +18,14 @@ detailed; and "-f" to run the proxy in the foreground with logging
to stderr. Without "-f" the default is to detach as a daemon and
log to syslog.
+Thanks to Stefan Winter and Andreas Solberg for making me do this,
+and the funding from GEANT2. Stefan as well as Kolbjørn Barmen
+and Maja Wolniewicz have helped with early testing of the code.
+All of the above plus Milan Sova have provided good feedback on
+several implementation choices. Finally thanks to Hans Zandbelt
+for providing the autoconf stuff. I may have forgotten someone,
+let me know if you feel left out.
For more information, feedback etc. contact <>.
-Stig Venaas, 2007.05.15
+Stig Venaas, 2007.05.24