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authorvenaas <venaas>2008-09-24 08:21:16 +0000
committervenaas <venaas@e88ac4ed-0b26-0410-9574-a7f39faa03bf>2008-09-24 08:21:16 +0000
commit8c898f4724bd7ba25725214a60f307c1e0944fa5 (patch)
tree28108408898218b06266924f23f3751a80744a6f /radsecproxy.h
parent0aa4b1fb04dafb9767309afa5d6ad6805391670f (diff)
some code improvemetns, more efficiently removing outstanding requests when removing client, also taking care of dynamic servers, need to look into server removal
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1 files changed, 2 insertions, 4 deletions
diff --git a/radsecproxy.h b/radsecproxy.h
index 4cb102b..21c02ec 100644
--- a/radsecproxy.h
+++ b/radsecproxy.h
@@ -48,9 +48,11 @@ struct request {
uint8_t *buf, *replybuf;
struct radmsg *msg;
struct client *from;
+ struct server *to;
char *origusername;
uint8_t rqid;
uint8_t rqauth[16];
+ uint8_t newid;
int udpsock; /* only for UDP */
uint16_t udpport; /* only for UDP */
@@ -203,9 +205,7 @@ struct clsrvconf *find_srvconf(uint8_t type, struct sockaddr *addr, struct list_
struct clsrvconf *find_clconf_type(uint8_t type, struct list_node **cur);
struct client *addclient(struct clsrvconf *conf, uint8_t lock);
void removeclient(struct client *client);
-void removeclientrqs(struct client *client);
struct queue *newqueue();
-void removequeue(struct queue *q);
void freebios(struct queue *q);
struct request *newrequest();
void freerq(struct request *rq);
@@ -213,6 +213,4 @@ int radsrv(struct request *rq);
X509 *verifytlscert(SSL *ssl);
int verifyconfcert(X509 *cert, struct clsrvconf *conf);
void replyh(struct server *server, unsigned char *buf);
-int connecttcp(struct addrinfo *addrinfo, struct addrinfo *src);
-int bindtoaddr(struct addrinfo *addrinfo, int family, int reuse, int v6only);
SSL_CTX *tlsgetctx(uint8_t type, struct tls *t);