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+/** \file request.h
+ \brief Public interface for libradsec request's. */
+/* Copyright 2010-2013 NORDUnet A/S. All rights reserved.
+ See LICENSE for licensing information. */
+#define _RADSEC_REQUEST_H_ 1
+struct rs_request;
+#if defined (__cplusplus)
+extern "C" {
+/** Create a request associated with connection \a conn. */
+int rs_request_create(struct rs_connection *conn, struct rs_request **req_out);
+/** Add RADIUS request message \a req_msg to request \a req.
+ FIXME: Rename to rs_request_add_reqmsg? */
+void rs_request_add_reqpkt(struct rs_request *req, struct rs_packet *req_msg);
+/** Create a request associated with connection \a conn containing a
+ newly created RADIUS authentication message, possibly with \a
+ user_name and \a user_pw attributes. \a user_name and _user_pw
+ are optional and can be NULL. */
+int rs_request_create_authn(struct rs_connection *conn,
+ struct rs_request **req_out,
+ const char *user_name,
+ const char *user_pw);
+/** Send request \a req and wait for a matching response. The
+ response is put in \a resp_msg (if not NULL). NOTE: At present,
+ no more than one outstanding request to a given realm is
+ supported. This will change in a future version. */
+int rs_request_send(struct rs_request *req, struct rs_packet **resp_msg);
+/** Free all memory allocated by request \a req including any request
+ packet associated with the request. Note that a request must be
+ freed before its associated connection can be freed. */
+void rs_request_destroy(struct rs_request *req);
+/** Return request message in request \a req. */
+struct rs_packet *rs_request_get_reqmsg(const struct rs_request *req);
+#if defined (__cplusplus)
+#endif /* _RADSEC_REQUEST_H_ */