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* Clean up top dir.Linus Nordberg2013-01-22
* * ChangeLog: Fix typo.Linus Nordberg2010-06-12
* * ChangeLog: Fix version number and date.Linus Nordberg2010-06-12
* * ChangeLog: Restructure and add note about incompatible change in log levels.Linus Nordberg2010-06-09
* * ChangeLog: Mention new log level.Linus Nordberg2010-06-01
* * ChangeLog: Update date and version. Reformulate last entry.Linus Nordberg2010-06-01
* Ready for 1.4-beta2.Linus Nordberg2010-05-28
* LoopPrevention, AddVendorAttribute.linus2010-03-31
* Don't pass `-mt' to gcc on Solaris.linus2010-03-02
* Oppdatert changelogkolla2009-09-11
* Contribution acknowledgementskolla2009-07-22
* adjusted some log levels, log level 2 default, preparing for 1.3 releasevenaas2009-03-12
* updated files for 1.3-beta releasevenaas2009-02-18
* made 20081106 snapshot branch, updated version/date infovenaas2008-11-06
* updates to readme/changelog etcvenaas2008-10-07
* preparing for release of 1.1venaas2008-07-23
* release of 1.1-beta. merging from trunk to 1.1. updating readme, changelog et...venaas2008-05-14
* added changes for 1.1-alphavenaas2007-12-23
* initial autoconf supportvenaas2007-05-24