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* lots of changes to radsrv/reply and use of new radmsg stuffvenaas2008-09-11
* adding hash type, changed tls configs to hashvenaas2008-08-21
* separated udpvenaas2008-08-21
* separated tlsvenaas2008-08-21
* separated tcpvenaas2008-08-21
* separated dtls into a separate filevenaas2008-08-21
* Solaris9 fixesvenaas2008-02-19
* moved genericconfig to gconfig.c and reorganised header filesvenaas2007-11-21
* using linked lists instead of arraysvenaas2007-06-20
* made use sbinvenaas2007-06-19
* updated, executable?venaas2007-06-13
* some minor updatesvenaas2007-06-05
* installs config examplevenaas2007-05-30
* initial autoconf supportvenaas2007-05-24