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* remove weekday from loggingvenaas2008-05-14
* Solaris9 fixesvenaas2008-02-19
* segfault when logging that couldn't open log file fixed, now log to stderrvenaas2007-06-22
* fixed syslog url syntax, updated example config and manpagevenaas2007-06-13
* 4 debug levels, 3 defaultvenaas2007-05-09
* Detach as default, options for foreground and debug levelvenaas2007-05-07
* Can now specifiy syslog facilityvenaas2007-05-07
* added logging to file and syslog (need to add support for specifying facility)venaas2007-05-04
* using debug() in getconfig()venaas2007-05-03
* debug functionsvenaas2007-05-03