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* some code improvemetns, more efficiently removing outstanding requests when r...venaas2008-09-24
* make clientwr not try to connect (left to reader), changed some timing stuff,...venaas2008-09-23
* trying to avoid some silly compiler warningsvenaas2008-09-17
* better logging, fixed bug with crash when removing clientvenaas2008-09-17
* cleaning up codevenaas2008-09-17
* moved more stuff from rqout to rqvenaas2008-09-16
* renamed some stuff, added client state for received rqs etcvenaas2008-09-16
* changing to use a separate client structure for each udp clientvenaas2008-09-14
* allow %hex notation for strings in gconfigvenaas2008-09-13
* various code improvementsvenaas2008-09-11
* fixed bug with multiple status server sent, some dtls fixesvenaas2008-08-22
* made dtls server do proper certificate matchingvenaas2008-08-21
* restructuring codevenaas2008-08-21
* separated tcpvenaas2008-08-21
* separated dtls into a separate filevenaas2008-08-21