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* gconfig support for long intvenaas2008-07-03
* some gconfig improvements, made proxy accept server config from external programvenaas2008-05-30
* made gconfig support input from stringvenaas2008-05-29
* rewritten gconfig to not exit on errorsvenaas2008-05-29
* added catgconf utilityvenaas2008-05-09
* added certificatenamecheck option to client/server for disabling default alts...venaas2008-04-29
* include with globbingvenaas2007-11-29
* working include support for individual filesvenaas2007-11-28
* implemented config file stack; to be used for include supportvenaas2007-11-26
* moved genericconfig to gconfig.c and reorganised header filesvenaas2007-11-21