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* Move lib to the root.Linus Nordberg2014-02-05
* Detect POSIX threads at configure time and use them for OpenSSL.Linus Nordberg2013-12-20
* Improve initialisation of OpenSSL PRNG.Linus Nordberg2013-12-20
* Implement disable_hostname_check config option.Linus Nordberg2013-10-03
* Whitespace changes in license headers.Linus Nordberg2013-05-09
* Include stdlib.h everywhere we call (m|c)alloc.Linus Nordberg2013-05-09
* Revive radsecproxy.h and hostport_types.h and move rsp_* into radsecproxy/.Linus Nordberg2013-01-22
* Rename COPYING -> LICENSE.Linus Nordberg2012-12-19
* Whitespace.Linus Nordberg2012-12-18
* Implement cert verification.Linus Nordberg2012-04-26
* Conditionally compile TLS-PSK code (--enable-tls-psk).Linus Nordberg2012-04-23
* Don't say RADPROT_TLS when we mean RAD_TLS.Linus Nordberg2012-04-19
* Implement TLS-PSK.Linus Nordberg2012-01-31
* Restructure code, moving most code out of packet.cLinus Nordberg2011-03-06
* Error handling cleanupLinus Nordberg2011-03-01
* Push an ENOMEM error on the connection rather than the context.Linus Nordberg2011-02-20
* Handle another ENOMEM case.Linus Nordberg2011-02-20
* Bringing up TLS connections working.Linus Nordberg2010-11-11