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* Bringing up TLS connections working.Linus Nordberg2010-11-11
* Add Emacs local variable for stroustrup style.linus2010-03-23
* Reindent and remove trailing whitespace.linus2010-03-08
* timeout for connectvenaas2009-02-05
* minor fix in list.cvenaas2008-08-27
* adding hash type, changed tls configs to hashvenaas2008-08-21
* made list_removedata() remove all occurencesvenaas2008-06-04
* gconfig cbs now return int. almost finished receiving all dynamic server conf...venaas2008-05-30
* allow multiple servers for a realm, so far only first will be usedvenaas2007-09-19
* now changed to allow prefix/prefixlen for hostvenaas2007-09-18
* moved to linked lists for replyqs, removed replyq size and countvenaas2007-06-22
* using linked lists instead of arraysvenaas2007-06-20