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+fix autoconfig stuff to actually find the gtk headers and only build gnome
+version of library if gnome is detected.
+in general, grokking and redo of autoconf
+General things I have planned to do:
+ make trailing XOR line/erase line
+ make the home page prettier
+ move development to
+ add an FVWM module to display the stroke bindings (ie, a 'help' function)
+ write/test the C++,Perl, bindings or translations
+ make a GNOMEified version of the library, get it in glibc
+ write a GNOME control app for configuring strokes in GNOME
+Bug list:
+This may still be outstanding, I dunno:
+Jeremie Petit <>
+> I had a problem though, because the lib was not linked with the math
+>library (I had to add "-lm" in the libtool file, after "-lc").