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+This directory includes example programs intended for testing
+and illustrating features of ccRTP and the ZRTP extension.
+Before using these programs make sure that ccRTP is up and
+working correctly.
+* zrtptest: is similar to ccrtptest in ccRTP demo directory. This
+ program shows how to use the class SymmetricZRTPSession instead
+ of RTPSession.
+ The first test shows that SymmetricZRTPSession is compatible to
+ RTPSession if it is used without specific initialization or configuration.
+ The second test initializes the ZRTP engine and starts it just before
+ sending or receiving RTP data. The enable ZRTP the test sets RTP in
+ bi-directional mode. This is the main difference to the first test case.
+ The third test shows how to use an application supplied callback class
+ to control message printout, switching to secure mode, displaying
+ the Short Authentication String (SAS).
+To start the demo application you may open two shell (command) windows
+and start "zrtptest -r" in one window first, then start "zrtptest -s"
+in the second window. The application use the port numbers 10002 thruogh
+10004 on localhost to communicate.