BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterMake fast forward from 1.4.9-1Andrej Shadura7 months
archive/debian/1.4.9-2commit f669eac80d...Andrej Shadura7 months
debian/1.4.9-2commit 6d47528b8b...Andrej Shadura7 months
archive/debian/1.4.9-1commit 4c1cec5bbd...Andrej Shadura3 years
debian/1.4.9-1commit c821b2aa98...Andrej Shadura3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-05-08Update the changelogdebian/1.4.9-1Andrej Shadura
2018-05-08Make it clear this package is not maintainedAndrej Shadura
2018-05-08This will be uploaded to dgitAndrej Shadura
2018-05-08Update the copyrightsAndrej Shadura
2018-05-08Update the homepageAndrej Shadura
2018-05-08Add a patch to replace contacts and the website with the working onesAndrej Shadura
2018-05-08Refresh the Signal patchAndrej Shadura
2018-05-08Refresh the desktop file patchAndrej Shadura
2018-05-08Install AppData fileAndrej Shadura
2018-05-08Update upstream source from tag 'upstream/1.4.9'Andrej Shadura