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* Update the changelogdebian/1.4.9-1Andrej Shadura2018-05-08
* Make it clear this package is not maintainedAndrej Shadura2018-05-08
* This will be uploaded to dgitAndrej Shadura2018-05-08
* Update the copyrightsAndrej Shadura2018-05-08
* Update the homepageAndrej Shadura2018-05-08
* Add a patch to replace contacts and the website with the working onesAndrej Shadura2018-05-08
* Refresh the Signal patchAndrej Shadura2018-05-08
* Refresh the desktop file patchAndrej Shadura2018-05-08
* Install AppData fileAndrej Shadura2018-05-08
* Import Debian changes 1.4.7-2Andrew Shadura2018-05-08
* Import Debian changes 1.4.7-1Fabricio Alcalde2018-05-08
* Import Debian changes 1.3.7-1Fabricio Alcalde2018-05-08