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mdadm (3.3.2-5) unstable; urgency=medium
* use-tempnode-not-devnode.patch: change udev rules file to use $tempnode which works both on wheezy and jessie udev, instead of $devnode which only works in jessie. At this stage it is better to make rules file compatible with old version instead of adding versioned dependency. Should be removed for jessie+1. (Closes: #770883) * fix Closes: list in previous entry (Closes: #771852) # imported from the archive
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+Subject: ANNOUNCE: mdadm 3.1.2 - A tool for managing Soft RAID under Linux
+I am pleased to announce the availability of
+ mdadm version 3.1.2
+It is available at the usual places:
+ countrycode=xx.
+ http://www.${countrycode}
+and via git at
+ git://
+This is a bugfix/stability release over 3.1.1.
+Significant changes are:
+ - The default metadata has change again (sorry about that).
+ It is now v1.2 and will hopefully stay that way. It turned
+ out there with boot-block issues with v1.1 which make it
+ unsuitable for a default, though in many cases it is still
+ suitable to use.
+ - Stopping a container is not permitted when members are still
+ active
+ - Add 'homehost' to the valid words for the "AUTO" config file
+ line. When followed by "-all", this causes mdadm to
+ auto-assemble any array belonging to this host, but not
+ auto-assemble anything else.
+ - Fix some bugs with "--grow --chunksize=" for changing chunksize.
+ - VAR_RUN can be easily changed at compile time just like ALT_RUN.
+ This gives distros more flexability in how to manage the
+ pid and sock files that mdmon needs.
+ - Various mdmon fixes
+ - Alway make bitmap 4K-aligned if at all possible.
+ - If mdadm.conf lists arrays which have inter-dependencies,
+ the previously had to be listed in the "right" order. Now
+ any order should work.
+ - Fix --force assembly of v1.x arrays which are in the process
+ of recovering.
+ - Add section on 'scrubbing' to 'md' man page.
+ - Various command-line-option parsing improvements.
+ - ... and lots of other bug fixes.
+This release is believed to be stable and you should feel free to
+upgrade to 3.1.2
+NeilBrown 10th March 2010