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committerMichael Tokarev <>2014-12-20 08:48:44 +0000
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mdadm (3.3.2-5) unstable; urgency=medium
* use-tempnode-not-devnode.patch: change udev rules file to use $tempnode which works both on wheezy and jessie udev, instead of $devnode which only works in jessie. At this stage it is better to make rules file compatible with old version instead of adding versioned dependency. Should be removed for jessie+1. (Closes: #770883) * fix Closes: list in previous entry (Closes: #771852) # imported from the archive
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+From: Michael Tokarev <>
+Subject: use tempnode not devnode in udev rules
+Forwarded: no
+udev in wheezy does not understand $devnode construct
+in rules file, while upstream uses it in mdadm rules
+files. udev in jessie has $devnode and it also supports
+old $tempnode which is the way it worked in wheezy and
+before, even if $tempnode in jessie's udev is not documented.
+So on jessie, both $tempnode and $devnode works fine, while
+in wheezy, only $tempnode works.
+Use $tempnode instead of $devnode. Since mdadm is important
+enough for system functionality and easily can break system
+by making it unbootable, and this is the only incompatibility
+between wheezy's and jessie's udev wrt mdadm, it is better than
+having a versioned dependency on udev.
+This patch is debian-specific and should be dropped for jessie+1.
+--- a/udev-md-raid-arrays.rules
++++ b/udev-md-raid-arrays.rules
+@@ -20 +20 @@
+-IMPORT{program}="BINDIR/mdadm --detail --export $devnode"
++IMPORT{program}="BINDIR/mdadm --detail --export $tempnode"
+--- a/udev-md-raid-assembly.rules
++++ b/udev-md-raid-assembly.rules
+@@ -30 +30 @@
+-ACTION=="add|change", IMPORT{program}="BINDIR/mdadm --incremental --export $devnode --offroot ${DEVLINKS}"
++ACTION=="add|change", IMPORT{program}="BINDIR/mdadm --incremental --export $tempnode --offroot ${DEVLINKS}"