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Cherrypick master patches up to 4th of June 2018.debian/4.1_rc1-3archive/debian/4.1_rc1-3
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@@ -2718,27 +2718,15 @@ above. Resizing arrays in an IMSM container with
.B "--grow --size"
is not yet supported.
-Grow functionality (e.g. expand a number of raid devices) for Intel's
-IMSM container format has an experimental status. It is guarded by the
-environment variable which must be set to '1' for a GROW command to
-This is for the following reasons:
-.IP 1.
-Intel's native IMSM check-pointing is not fully tested yet.
-This can causes IMSM incompatibility during the grow process: an array
-which is growing cannot roam between Microsoft Windows(R) and Linux
-.IP 2.
-Interrupting a grow operation is not recommended, because it
-has not been fully tested for Intel's IMSM container format yet.
-Note: Intel's native checkpointing doesn't use
+.IP \(bu 4
+Intel's native checkpointing doesn't use
.B --backup-file
option and it is transparent for assembly feature.
+.IP \(bu 4
+Roaming between Windows(R) and Linux systems for IMSM metadata is not
+supported during grow process.
Normally when an array is built the "size" is taken from the smallest