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@@ -501,7 +501,7 @@ To update hot plug configuration it is necessary to execute
.B mdadm \-\-udev\-rules
command after changing the config file
-Key words used in the
+Keywords used in the
line and supported values are:
@@ -565,6 +565,28 @@ be automatically added to that array (or it's container)
as above and the disk will become a spare in remaining cases
+This is similar to
+and accepts the same keyword assignments. It allows a consistent set
+of policies to applied to each of the partitions of a device.
+line should set
+.I type=disk
+and identify the path to one or more disk devices. Each partition on
+these disks will be treated according to the
+.I action=
+setting from this line. If a
+.I domain
+is set in the line, then the domain associated with each patition will
+be based on the domain, but with
+.RB \(dq -part N\(dq
+appended, when N is the partition number for the partition that was
DEVICE /dev/sd[bcdjkl]1