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New upstream release.
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@@ -5,23 +5,23 @@
mdadm -CR $md0 -l1 -n4 $dev0 $dev1 $dev2 missing
check resync
-mdadm $md0 --fail $dev2
+mdadm $md0 --fail $dev2
check resync
-mdadm $md0 --fail $dev1
+mdadm $md0 --fail $dev1
sleep 1
check nosync
check state U___
-mdadm $md0 --add $dev4 $dev3
+mdadm $md0 --add $dev4 $dev3
check recovery
# there could be two separate recoveries, one for each dev
check wait
check wait
-mdadm $md0 --remove $dev2 $dev1
+mdadm $md0 --remove $dev2 $dev1
check nosync
check state UUU_
mdadm --zero-superblock $dev2
-mdadm $md0 -a $dev2
+mdadm $md0 -a $dev2
check recovery
check wait
check state UUUU