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+Subject: ANNOUNCE: mdadm 3.1.4 - A tool for managing Soft RAID under Linux
+I am pleased to announce the availability of
+ mdadm version 3.1.4
+It is available at the usual places:
+ countrycode=xx.
+ http://www.${countrycode}
+and via git at
+ git://
+This is a bugfix/stability release over 3.1.3.
+3.1.3 had a couple of embarrasing regressions and a couple of other
+issues surfaces which had easy fixes so I decided to make a 3.1.4
+release after all.
+Two fixes related to configs that aren't using udev:
+ - Don't remove md devices which 'standard' names on --stop
+ - Allow dev_open to work on read-only /dev
+And fixed regressions:
+ - Allow --incremental to add spares to an array
+ - Accept --no-degraded as a deprecated option rather than
+ throwing an error
+ - Return correct success status when --incrmental assembling
+ a container which does not yet have enough devices.
+ - Don't link mdadm with pthreads, only mdmon needs it.
+ - Fix compiler warning due to bad use of snprintf
+ - Fix spare migration
+This release is believed to be stable and you should feel free to
+upgrade to 3.1.4
+It is expected that the next release will be 3.2 with a number of new
+NeilBrown 31st August 2010