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+Subject: ANNOUNCE: mdadm 3.1.5 - A tool for managing Soft RAID under Linux
+I am pleased to announce the availability of
+ mdadm version 3.1.5
+It is available at the usual places:
+ countrycode=xx.
+ http://www.${countrycode}
+and via git at
+ git://
+This is a bugfix/stability release over 3.1.4. It contains all the
+important bugfixes found while working on 3.2 and 3.2.1. It will be
+the last 3.1.x release - 3.2.1 is expected to be released in a few days.
+Changes include:
+ - Fixes for v1.x metadata on big-endian machines.
+ - man page improvements
+ - Improve '--detail --export' when run on partitions of an md array.
+ - Fix regression with removing 'failed' or 'detached' devices.
+ - Fixes for "--assemble --force" in various unusual cases.
+ - Allow '-Y' to mean --export. This was documented but not implemented.
+ - Various fixed for handling 'ddf' metadata. This is now more reliable
+ but could benefit from more interoperability testing.
+ - Correctly list subarrays of a container in "--detail" output.
+ - Improve checks on whether the requested number of devices is supported
+ by the metadata - both for --create and --grow.
+ - Don't remove partitions from a device that is being included in an
+ array until we are fully committed to including it.
+ - Allow "--assemble --update=no-bitmap" so an array with a corrupt
+ bitmap can still be assembled.
+ - Don't allow --add to succeed if it looks like a "--re-add" is probably
+ wanted, but cannot succeed. This avoids inadvertently turning
+ devices into spares when an array is failed.
+This release is believed to be stable and you should feel free to
+upgrade to 3.1.5
+NeilBrown 23rd March 2011