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+I am pleased to announce the availability of
+ mdadm version 3.2.1
+It is available at the usual places:
+ countrycode=xx.
+ http://www.${countrycode}
+and via git at
+ git://
+Many of the changes in this release are of internal interest only,
+restructuring and refactoring code and so forth.
+Most of the bugs found and fixed during development for 3.2.1 have been
+back-ported for the recently-release 3.1.5 so this release primarily
+provides a few new features over 3.1.5.
+They include:
+ - policy framework
+ Policy can be expressed for moving spare devices between arrays, and
+ for how to handle hot-plugged devices. This policy can be different
+ for devices plugged in to different controllers etc.
+ This, for example, allows a configuration where when a device is plugged
+ in it is immediately included in an md array as a hot spare and
+ possibly starts recovery immediately if an array is degraded.
+ - some understanding of mbr and gpt paritition tables
+ This is primarly to support the new hot-plug support. If a
+ device is plugged in and policy suggests it should have a partition table,
+ the partition table will be copied from a suitably similar device, and
+ then the partitions will hot-plug and can then be added to md arrays.
+ - "--incremental --remove" can remember where a device was removed from
+ so if a device gets plugged back in the same place, special policy applies
+ to it, allowing it to be included in an array even if a general hotplug
+ will not be included.
+ - enhanced reshape options, including growing a RAID0 by converting to RAID4,
+ restriping, and converting back. Also convertions between RAID0 and
+ RAID10 and between RAID1 and RAID10 are possible (with a suitably recent
+ kernel).
+ - spare migration for IMSM arrays.
+ Spare migration can now work across 'containers' using non-native metadata
+ and specifically Intel's IMSM arrays support spare migrations.
+ - OLCE and level migration for Intel IMSM arrays.
+ OnLine Capacity Expansion and level migration (e.g. RAID0 -> RAID5) is
+ supported for Intel Matrix Storage Manager arrays.
+ This support is currently 'experimental' for technical reasons. It can
+ be enabled with "export MDADM_EXPERIMENTAL=1"
+ - avoid including wayward devices
+ If you split a RAID1, mount the two halves as two separate degraded RAID1s,
+ and then later bring the two back together, it is possible that the md
+ metadata won't properly show that one must over-ride the other.
+ mdadm now does extra checking to detect this possibilty and avoid
+ potentially corrupting data.
+ - remove any possible confusion between similar options.
+ e.g. --brief and --bitmap were mapped to 'b' and mdadm wouldn't
+ notice if one was used where the other was expected.
+ - allow K,M,G suffixes on chunk sizes
+While mdadm-3.2.1 is considered to be reasonably stable, you should
+only use it if you want to try out the new features, or if you
+generally like to be on the bleeding edge. If the new features are not
+important to you, then 3.1.5 is probably the appropriate version to be using
+until 3.2.2 comes out.
+NeilBrown 28th March 2011