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+Subject: ANNOUNCE: mdadm 3.2.6 - A tool for managing Soft RAID under Linux
+I am pleased to announce the availability of
+ mdadm version 3.2.6
+It is available at the usual places, now including github:
+ countrycode=xx.
+ http://www.${countrycode}
+and via git at
+ git://
+ git://
+This is a stablity release which adds a number of bugfixs to 3.2.5.
+There are no real stand-out fixes, just lots of little bits and pieces.
+Below is the "git log --oneline --reverse" list of changes since
+NeilBrown 25th October 2012
+b7e05d2 udev-rules: prevent systemd from mount devices before they are ready.
+0d478e2 mdadm: Fix Segmentation fault.
+42f0ca1 imsm: fix: correct checking volume's degradation
+fcf2195 Monitor: fix inconsistencies in values for ->percent
+5f862fb Monitor: Report NewArray when an array the disappeared, reappears.
+6f51b1c Monitor: fix reporting for Fail vs FailSpare etc.
+68ad53b mdmon: fix arg parsing.
+517f135 Assemble: don't leak memory with fdlist.
+090900c udev-rules: prevent systemd from mount devices before they are ready.
+446e000 sha1.h: remove ansidecl.h header inclusion
+ec894f5 Manage: zero metadata before adding to 'external' array.
+3a84db5 ddf: allow a non-spare to be used to recovery a missing device.
+c5d61ca ddf: hack to fix container recognition.
+23084aa mdmon: fix arg processing for -a
+c4e96a3 mdmon: allow --takeover when original was started with --offroot
+80841df find_free_devnum: avoid auto-using names in /etc/mdadm.conf
+c5c56d6 mapfile: fix mapfile rebuild for containers
+aec89f6 fix segfaults in Detail()
+2117ad1 Fix 'enough' function for RAID10.
+0bc300d Use --offroot flag when assembling md arrays via --incrmental
+ac78f24 Grow: make warning about old metadata more explicit.
+14026ab Replace sha1.h with slightly older version.
+6f6809f Add zlib license to crc32.c
+5267ba0 Handles spaces in array names better.
+c51f288 imsm: allow --assume-clean to work.
+acf7076 Grow: allow --grow --continue to work for native metadata.
+335d2a6 Grow: fix a couple of typos with --assume-clean usage
+9ff1427 Fix open_container
+3713633 mdadm: super0: do not override uuid with homehost
+31bff58 Trivial bugfix and spelling fixes.
+e1e539f Detail: don't report a faulty device as 'spare' or 'rebuilding'.
+22a6461 super0: allow creation of array on 2TB+ devices.
+a5d47a2 Create new md devices consistently
+eb48676 Monitor: don't complain about non-monitorable arrays in mdadm.conf
+ecdf2d7 Query: don't be confused by partition tables.
+f7b75c1 Query: allow member of non-0.90 arrays to be better reported.