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+Subject: ANNOUNCE: mdadm 3.3.1 - A tool for managing md Soft RAID under Linux
+I am pleased to announce the availability of
+ mdadm version 3.3.1
+It is available at the usual places:
+and via git at
+ git://
+ git://
+The main changes are:
+ - lots of work on "DDF" support. Hopefully it will be more stable
+ now. Bug reports are always welcome.
+ - improved interactions with 'systemd'. Where possible, background
+ tasks are run from systemd (if it is present) rather then forking
+ disassociationg from the session. This is important because udev
+ doesn't really let you disassociate.
+though there are a number of other little bug fixes too.
+NeilBrown 5th June 2014