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+debian mdadm TODO list
+- version-1 is a nightmare. E.g. on partitionable arrays, with / on
+ /dev/md_d0p3, mdadm -Es ignores /dev/md_d0 and just uses the name, so
+ /dev/md/<arrayname>.
+- figure out something about device names.
+- (better) udev integration
+- check whether mdadm.conf and system are consistent during initramfs creation
+ and fail otherwise (#381303).
+- add code to compare existing and expected configuration, after standardising
+ the files. In most cases, we'll have to answer DUNNO as to whether the
+ existing configuration file is okay, but I guess in some cases we can
+ determine that the configuration is okay. A conservative approach would be
+ beneficial to the user. Not sure if it's worth the effort though.
+- one nice^W important thing would be to check device names and UUIDs at least.
+- verify operation without udev
+ - udev removed before mdadm installed
+ - udev removed after mdadm installed
+- more granular handling of init.d starts/stops, don't force all arrays to be
+ started.
+- let user specify when to start/stop which array (#398310).
+- also only stop those array we started; this can be easily done with
+ sentinels in $STATEDIR
+- manage DAEMON_OPTIONS with debconf