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-Reporting bugs against mdadm
-Before reporting bugs against mdadm, please read the README documents, as well
-as the FAQ in /usr/share/doc/mdadm . Most issues that are reported against the
-mdadm package are adequately answered therein.
-In particular, please do not file bugs about mdadm assembling arrays too
-early, e.g. when the driver is not yet ready and device nodes do not exist.
-Check FAQ item 27 about use of the rootdelay parameter instead.
-Also, please check out and make sure that the
-issue you are facing has not already been reported.
-If you are not sure that the answer you are seeking is in those files, or you
-are not sure that you are facing a genuine bug, please approach or with your
-Gathering information relevant to mdadm as root
-If you are not reporting bugs as root (which you should not), you will be
-prompted to give permission to run a script to collect relevant information
-from your system as the root user. Only the root user has access to some
-information that might be relevant to the bug report you are about to file.
-** Please give permission to run the script as root when asked momentarily.
-If you would rather obtain the same information manually, you can run
- /usr/share/bug/mdadm/script 3>&1
-as root and include or attach the output.
- -- martin f. krafft <> Mon, 20 Jul 2009 15:02:48 +0200