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* removed AUTOSTART variable from /etc/default/mdadmMichael Tokarev2014-10-04
* remove references to old (2.x and 1.x) mdadm versions in po files tooMichael Tokarev2014-09-27
* Revert "Drop unused debconf templates"Michael Tokarev2012-08-25
* document last patch buy Sergey and update .po filesMichael Tokarev2012-06-22
* Update debconf templates translations.Dmitrijs Ledkovs2012-05-25
* update debconf .po filesmartin f. krafft2010-05-27
* Debconf templates and debian/control updatesChristian Perrier2008-04-11
* Portuguese debconf translation by Rui Branco; preparation of 2.6.1-1madduck2007-02-22