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* Install identical udev rules into d-i installer udeb, as used in the installe...debian/4.1_rc1-2archive/debian/4.1_rc1-2Dimitri John Ledkov2018-05-22
* Whitespacedebian/4.1_rc1-1Dimitri John Ledkov2018-05-15
* Bump standards version & debhelper compat.Dimitri John Ledkov2018-05-15
* Import patches since rc1.Dimitri John Ledkov2018-05-15
* Refresh patchesDimitri John Ledkov2018-05-15
* New upstream release.Dimitri John Ledkov2018-05-15
* Add second email address to avoid NMU warnings.debian/4.0-2archive/debian/4.0-2Dimitri John Ledkov2017-10-10
* Bump standards version & debhelper.Dimitri John Ledkov2017-10-10
* Ship mdadm-shutdown.service and suggest dracut-core.Dimitri John Ledkov2017-10-10
* Defuzz patches.debian/4.0-1archive/debian/4.0-1Dimitri John Ledkov2017-06-22
* releasing package mdadm version 4.0-1Dimitri John Ledkov2017-06-22
* Fix checkarray script bugs. LP: #1599428 Closes: #787950 Closes: #843665Dimitri John Ledkov2017-06-22
* Fix checkaaray script. LP: #1599428Dimitri John Ledkov2017-06-22
* Add a warning to mkconf generated file that mdadm.conf is copied into initrafms.Dimitri John Ledkov2017-06-22
* Drop warnings that raid arrays are missing from the initramfs configuration. ...Dimitri John Ledkov2017-06-22
* Add launchpad bug reference.Dimitri John Ledkov2017-05-12
* New upstream release.Dimitri John Ledkov2017-05-12
* Bring in changes from Ubuntu, to bring packages in sync.debian/3.4-4Dimitri John Ledkov2016-07-28
* Set Vcs- fields to dgit repositories.debian/3.4-3Dimitri John Ledkov2016-07-27
* Fix regressions from 3.4-2.Dimitri John Ledkov2016-07-27
* mdadm (3.4-2) unstable; urgency=lowDimitri John Ledkov2016-07-02