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* Cherrypick master patches up to 4th of June 2018.debian/4.1_rc1-3archive/debian/4.1_rc1-3Dimitri John Ledkov2018-06-26
* [PATCH 8/9] Prevent create IMSM volume with size smaller than 1M or chunkRoman Sobanski2018-05-15
* [PATCH 7/9] imsm: do not use blocks_per_member in array size calculationsMariusz Dabrowski2018-05-15
* [PATCH 6/9] imsm: pass already existing map to imsm_num_data_membersMariusz Dabrowski2018-05-15
* [PATCH 5/9] imsm: add functions to get and set imsm dev sizeMariusz Dabrowski2018-05-15
* [PATCH 4/9] imsm: change reserved space to 4MBMariusz Dabrowski2018-05-15
* New upstream release.Dimitri John Ledkov2018-05-15
* New upstream release.Dimitri John Ledkov2017-05-12
* New upstream release.Dimitri John Ledkov2016-02-19
* New upstream release.Dimitri John Ledkov2015-11-08
* mdadm (3.3.2-5) unstable; urgency=mediumMichael Tokarev2014-12-20