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Improve documentation for med-xpi-pack
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@@ -248,10 +248,13 @@ the unpacked JAR files have the format explained in med-xpi-unpack section. The
script will pack the contents of the directory to the JAR file, named like the
JAR directory, with stripped "!" sign. For example, contents of "test.jar!" are
packed to "test.jar" file. After that, it will remove all JAR directories.
-Finally, it will pack the contents of the input directory to the XPI file.
+Finally, it will pack the contents of the input directory to the XPI file,
+which is placed inside the provided input directory. This behaviour is because will look for XPI file inside top-level extension directory, which is
+the input directory in that case.
To run it, pass the name of the input directory, and the name of the XPI file:
-$ med-xpi-pack ubufox ubufox.xpi
+$ med-xpi-pack . ubufox.xpi
In case some of the parameters are missing, input directory doesn't exist, or
output XPI file already exists, it will report an error and exit.