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-mozilla-devscripts is an abstract tarball creator based on Makefile
-inheritance which provides a get-new-orig target usable by Mozilla packages in
+mozilla-devscripts is a collection of scripts based on Makefile inheritance
+usable by Mozilla packages in Ubuntu.
+- mozclient is an abstract tarball creator which provides a get-new-orig target
+- compare is an install checker
The package contains rules for the following projects:
- firefox-3.0
@@ -11,6 +13,10 @@ The package contains rules for the following projects:
- thunderbird-3.0
- xulrunner-1.9
+=== mozclient ===
+Creates a source tarball from CVS
A clean-up script, called "", is called to remove all
binary-only files. It is applied to all projects before packing.
Traces of the cleaning are preserved inside that resulting tarball
@@ -69,3 +75,21 @@ You can now call it:
- debian/rules get-orig-source DEBIAN_TAG=FIREFOX_3_0b2_RC1=3.0~b2~rc1
=> firefox-3.0_3.0~b2~rc1+nobinonly.orig.tar.gz
+=== compare ===
+Compares installed files and debs content
+The following target is available to the caller:
+compare: check the difference between what has been installed in debian/tmp
+by the (upstream) make install rule and what has been put in the debs.
+The following variable are available:
+By default, both are 'sed' commands that could be augmented (+=) or
+overwritten by the caller.
+To use (if not already done for another mozilla-devscripts script)
+- in debian/control: add mozilla-devscripts to Build-Depends
+- in debian/rules: add "include /usr/share/mozilla-devscripts/"