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* [mozclient] Full refactoring of mozclient. It is now written in object-oriented Perl.
The makefile version was getting difficult to extend and to maintain. We now have a base class and a set of VCS classes inheriting for it. - add src/ - add src/mozclient/${projects}.conf - move src/patches to src/mozclient/patches - update src/${projects} - update src/Makefile - update README * [mozclient] nspr and nss are now using a dynamic tag. They used to fetch HEAD which made them tricky to distribute. Now, we take NSPR_CO_TAG and NSS_CO_TAG from mozilla/ (from HEAD or from a tag) and we assign a version like nss- without trailling cvs date (as it's a taggued nss), or nss- when using a taggued mozilla/ - update src/ - update src/mozclient/{nspr,nss}.conf
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The following targets are then available to the caller of debian/rules:
- get-orig-source
Build a tarball according to parameters from
- and optionally using either DEBIAN_DATE or DEBIAN_TAG
+ and optionally using either DEBIAN_DATE or DEBIAN_TAG, and optionally
- list-tags
List all the registered VCS tags from upstream server
@@ -64,25 +65,29 @@ Optionally:
DEBIAN_KEEP_VCS to preserve the VCS files (*/CVS, .hg, ...)
-Projects files are stored in /usr/share/mozilla-devscripts as .mk files.
-They contain the following parameters:
+Projects files are stored in /usr/share/mozilla-devscripts/mozclient
+as .conf files. They contain the following parameters:
-- MOZCLIENT_TARGET (mandatory): a label, usually 'project-orig'
- MOZCLIENT_APPNAME (mandatory): package name
- MOZCLIENT_MODULES (optional): list of modules/directories for direct checkout
-- MOZCLIENT_VCS (optional): VCS (hg, git, cvs, svn..). (default: cvs)
-- MOZCLIENT_PROJECT (mandatory): VCS project name. If $(NULL), then
+- MOZCLIENT_VCS (mandatory): VCS (hg, git, cvs, svn..)
+- MOZCLIENT_PROJECT (optional): VCS project name. If $(NULL), then
$(MOZCLIENT_MODULES) becomes mandatory
- MOZCLIENT_BRANCH (optional): VCS branch name
- MOZCLIENT_POSTCOCMD (optional): a shell command that is executed after checkout
- MOZCLIENT_FILE (mandatory): source file containing the version
- MOZCLIENT_GETVERSION (mandatory): how to transform the version
-- MOZCLIENT_URL (mandatory): an URL (usually on Bonsai) listing commits
- MOZCLIENT_GETDATE (mandatory): get the last commit date for the project
- MOZCLIENT_EMBEDDED (optional): create an embedded tarball (default: 0)
- MOZCLIENT_WANTMOZDIR (optional): should the root dir be 'mozilla'?
(default: 0 unless MOZCLIENT_EMBEDDED=1)
- MOZCLIENT_WANTPATCH (optional): should we use the patch system? (default: 0)
+- MOZCLIENT_DYNTAG (optional): paired with MOZCLIENT_DYNTAG_FILES, a shell
+ command that is executed to get a VCS tag
+- MOZCLIENT_DYNTAG_FILES (optional): list of files to get before calling
+- MOZCLIENT_CVS_LOC (optional): cvs location
+- MOZCLIENT_HG_LOC (optional): hg location (an URL)
Example with firefox-3.0: