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mozilla-devscripts is a collection of scripts based on Makefile inheritance
usable by Mozilla packages in Ubuntu.
-- mozclient is an abstract tarball creator which provides a get-new-orig
- target
-- compare is an install checker looking for missing files
-- minefield-packager creates debs from Firefox (official) nightly built
- tarballs
- xpi provides hooks to help package extensions in an elegant way
-- lp-locale-export is an helper for translations in launchpad for mozilla
- products and extensions
-The package contains rules for the following projects:
- - firefox-3.0
- - firefox-3.1
- - firefox-4.0
- - fennec
- - lightning-sunbird (from MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH)
- - nspr
- - nss
- - seamonkey-2.0
- - thunderbird (2.0, from MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH)
- - thunderbird-3.0
- - xulrunner (1.8, from MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH)
- - xulrunner-1.9
- - xulrunner-1.9.1
- - xulrunner-2.0
- - midbrowser
- - prism
- - flock
In addition there is a which provides standard rules/targets to package
XPI extensions for mozilla/toolkit based applications.
-=== mozclient ===
-Creates a source tarball from a VCS
-A clean-up script, called "", is called to remove all
-binary-only files. It is applied to all projects before packing.
-Optionally, $(project) is also applied.
-Traces of the cleaning are preserved inside that resulting tarball
-in REMOVED+nobinonly.txt. If nothing has been removed, both the log and
-the "+nobinonly" signature are dropped.
-To use :
-- in debian/control: add mozilla-devscripts to Build-Depends
-- in debian/rules: add "include /usr/share/mozilla-devscripts/"
-Note: it is also possible to keep all project files outside of mozilla-devscripts.
-To do so, mozclient needs two variables:
-- MOZCLIENT_PROJECTNAME: the name of the conf file as described below, without the
- ".conf" extension
-- MOZCLIENT_PROJECTDIR: a directory containing the project specific files to be used
- by mozclient. It is not a recommended to use the debian directory directly because
- there will be a confusion between debian/patches and $(MOZCLIENT_PROJECTDIR)/patches
- in debian/rules:
- MOZCLIENT_PROJECTDIR = debian/mozclient
- include /usr/share/mozilla-devscripts/
- in debian/mozclient:
- - a mandatory file called myproject.conf
- - an optional patches directory
- - an optional file
-The following targets are then available to the caller of debian/rules:
-- get-orig-source
- Build a tarball according to parameters from
- and optionally using either DEBIAN_DATE or DEBIAN_TAG, and optionally
-- list-tags
- List all the registered VCS tags from upstream server
-The caller could specify the following parameters:
- ex: DEBIAN_DATE=20070911t1711
-DEBIAN_TAG in the form CVS_TAG=debian_version
- ex: DEBIAN_TAG=FIREFOX_3_0b2_RC1=3.0~b2~rc1
-DEBIAN_KEEP_VCS to preserve the VCS files (*/CVS, .hg, ...)
-LOCAL_BRANCH=/foo/bar/baz to point to a local branch instead of
-the configured remote one. It is faster if you have to publish
-tarballs quite often from this branch, such as daily snapshots.
-The local branch will be updated first.
-Note that the getdate are still remote so you need network connectivity.
-Projects files are stored in /usr/share/mozilla-devscripts/mozclient
-as .conf files. They contain the following parameters:
-- MOZCLIENT_APPNAME (mandatory): package name
-- MOZCLIENT_MODULES (optional): list of modules/directories for direct checkout
-- MOZCLIENT_VCS (mandatory): VCS (hg, git, cvs, svn..)
-- MOZCLIENT_VCS_LOC (mandatory): VCS location (cvs loc, url, ...)
-- MOZCLIENT_PROJECT (optional): VCS project name. If $(NULL), then
- $(MOZCLIENT_MODULES) becomes mandatory
-- MOZCLIENT_BRANCH (optional): VCS branch name
-- MOZCLIENT_POSTCOCMD (optional): a shell command that is executed after checkout
-- MOZCLIENT_FILE (mandatory): source file containing the version
-- MOZCLIENT_GETVERSION (mandatory): how to transform the version
-- MOZCLIENT_GETDATE (mandatory): get the last commit date for the project
-- MOZCLIENT_SEPARATOR (optional): separator between version and date (default: ~)
-- MOZCLIENT_TAREXCLUDE (optional): list of additional dirs/files to exclude
- from packaging
-- MOZCLIENT_EMBEDDED (optional): create an embedded tarball (default: 0)
-- MOZCLIENT_WANTMOZDIR (optional): should the root dir be 'mozilla'?
- (default: 0 unless MOZCLIENT_EMBEDDED=1)
-- MOZCLIENT_WANTPATCH (optional): should we use the patch system? (default: 0)
-- MOZCLIENT_DYNTAG (optional): paired with MOZCLIENT_DYNTAG_FILES, a shell
- command that is executed to get a VCS tag
-- MOZCLIENT_DYNTAG_FILES (optional): list of files to get before calling
-Example with firefox-3.0:
-- in debian/control, add mozilla-devscripts to Build-Depends
-- in debian/rules, add:
- include /usr/share/mozilla-devscripts/
-That's it. You've gained get-orig-source.
-You can now call it:
-- debian/rules get-orig-source
- => firefox-3.0_3.0~b2~cvs20071120t1456+nobinonly.orig.tar.gz
-- debian/rules get-orig-source DEBIAN_DATE=20070914t1713
- => firefox-3.0_3.0~a8~cvs20070914t1713+nobinonly.orig.tar.gz
-- debian/rules get-orig-source DEBIAN_TAG=FIREFOX_3_0b2_RC1=3.0~b2~rc1
- => firefox-3.0_3.0~b2~rc1+nobinonly.orig.tar.gz
-=== compare ===
-Compares installed files and debs content
-The following target is available to the caller:
-compare: check the difference between:
-a/ what has been built (in dists/bin) and what has been installed (in debian/tmp)
-b/ what has been installed (in debian/tmp) and what has been put in the debs
-dists/bin is populated by the upstream build system
-debian/tmp is populated according to upstream installer/package-static files
-The following variable are available:
-By default, all are 'sed' commands that could be augmented (+=) or
-overwritten by the caller.
-To use (if not already done for another mozilla-devscripts script)
-- in debian/control: add mozilla-devscripts to Build-Depends
-- in debian/rules: add "include /usr/share/mozilla-devscripts/"
-Example of COMPARE_FILTER_IN tweak:
- -e 's,^usr/lib/seamonkey-2.0/extensions/{f13b157f-b174-47e7-a34d-4815ddfdfeb8}.*,,' \
- $(NULL)
-=== minefield-packager ===
-minefield-packager creates debs from Firefox nightly built tarballs available
-on mozilla web/ftp site. Those builds are often useful to check a regression
-and to determine if a bug is Ubuntu specific or if it is also affecting
-upstream builds. The deb produced are for testing purpose only, please don't
-report bugs in Launchpad about those.
-(from a writable directory)
-$ make -f /usr/share/mozilla-devscripts/
-$ sudo dpkg -i firefox-minefield_3.0~b5~build2008032304-1_i386.deb
-You can also ask for a particular snapshot by adding DEBIAN_DATE=id,
-where id is one of the date returned by the 'list' command:
-$ make -f /usr/share/mozilla-devscripts/ list
-Available snapshots are:
-2008-02-27-04 04-Mar-2008 19:31
-2008-02-27-14 28-Feb-2008 07:30
-2008-02-27-18 28-Feb-2008 04:53
-2008-02-28-04 06-Mar-2008 04:56
-2008-03-28-04 29-Mar-2008 05:03
-2008-03-28-05 29-Mar-2008 06:57
-2008-03-29-04 29-Mar-2008 06:50
-latest 29-Mar-2008 06:50
-$ make -f /usr/share/mozilla-devscripts/ DEBIAN_DATE=2008-03-28-04
-$ sudo dpkg -i firefox-minefield_3.0~build2008032804-1_i386.deb
=== ===
@@ -229,27 +39,17 @@ parameters:
|firefox-addons|, which will link the extension to the
/usr/lib/firefox/extensions and /usr/lib/firefox-addons/extensions
directories, respectively.
If you are using cdbs ( hooks in appropriately.
cdbs targets to build the packages without any rule. The only thing required
is to include the from cdbs _before_ including
A template is available in the branch available under the following URL:
-=== ===
-Include this helper if you want to translate your mozilla application or extension
-through launchpad.
-XXX: document here!
=== xpi-unpack ===