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@@ -17,6 +17,7 @@ To use:
make client Fetch and patch mozilla client
make firefox-orig Create firefox-3.0 sources tarball
make xulrunner-orig Create xulrunner-1.9 sources tarball
+ make thunderbird-orig Create thunderbird-3.0 sources tarball
make nss-orig Create nss sources tarball
make nspr-orig Create nspr sources tarball
@@ -25,8 +26,21 @@ To use:
Ex: make DEBIAN_DATE=20070911t1711 nspr-orig
- $ make client (fetch and patch mozilla/ from cvs)
+ You can fetch a specific branch by specifying DEBIAN_BRANCH.
+ Ex: make DEBIAN_BRANCH=MOZILLA_1_9a8_MINIBRANCH firefox-orig
+ It is also possible to use both DEBIAN_DATE and DEBIAN_BRANCH to fetch
+ the content of a branch at a particular date
+ Alternatively, you can fetch a specific CO tag using DEBIAN_TAG.
+ See 'make status' for a list of available tags.
+ Ex: make DEBIAN_TAG=MOZILLA_1_9a8_RELEASE firefox-orig
+ It is also possible to just call the new targets without
+ building tarballs:
$ make -f mozilla/ checkout MOZ_CO_PROJECT=nss
$ make -f mozilla/ checkout MOZ_CO_PROJECT=nspr
$ make -f mozilla/ checkout MOZ_CO_PROJECT=xulbrowser