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* Use debian/package.js as configuration file if it exists.
- update man/install-xpi.1 - update src/install-xpi
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@@ -29,9 +29,17 @@ install-xpi \- installs a xpi file into a Debian package
is a helper tool for packaging XUL extensions. It installs the given xpi file
into the correct directory and creates the required links based on the data
in the install.rdf file.
-.B install-xpi
-will correct the file permissions unless \fR\-\-preserve\-permissions\fP is
+It corrects the file permissions unless \fR\-\-preserve\-permissions\fP is
+.B install-xpi
+will create a configuration file in /etc if the XUL extension provides one or
+more preferences files in defaults/preferences. The configuration file
+contains only a description where to find the overridable preferences.
+debian/package.js is used as configuration file instead if it
+exists. The placeholder @INSTALLDIR@ is replaces by the actual installation
+directory. You can disable the creation of a system configuration file with
.B \-\-disable\-system\-prefs