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- add --install-dir parameter to install-xpi
- update man/install-xpi.1 - update src/install-xpi
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@@ -41,6 +41,11 @@ this parameter several times.
\fB\-h\fR, \fB\-\-help\fR
Display a brief help message.
+\fB\-i\fR \fIdirectory\fP, \fB\-\-install-dir\fR=\fIdirectory\fP
+The xpi file will be installed in the specified directory.
+.I directory
+must be an absolute path. Use this parameter with care.
\fB\-l\fR \fIdirectory\fP, \fB\-\-link\fR=\fIdirectory\fP
An additional link from the \fIdirectory\fP to the installation directory of
the extension will be created. You can use this parameter several times.