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* [mozclient] Full refactoring of mozclient. It is now written in object-oriented Perl.
The makefile version was getting difficult to extend and to maintain. We now have a base class and a set of VCS classes inheriting for it. - add src/ - add src/mozclient/${projects}.conf - move src/patches to src/mozclient/patches - update src/${projects} - update src/Makefile - update README * [mozclient] nspr and nss are now using a dynamic tag. They used to fetch HEAD which made them tricky to distribute. Now, we take NSPR_CO_TAG and NSS_CO_TAG from mozilla/ (from HEAD or from a tag) and we assign a version like nss- without trailling cvs date (as it's a taggued nss), or nss- when using a taggued mozilla/ - update src/ - update src/mozclient/{nspr,nss}.conf
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