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+This package has been created by Fabien Tassin <>.
+It is *not* a debian package.
+It is composed of just a Makefile and a pile of patches.
+Those patches are targetting mozilla/ and add targets to
+fetch respectively nss, nspr and xulbrowser (browser build with libxul
+from xulrunner package).
+Depends on cvs and quilt.
+To use:
+ $ make (will fetch and patch mozilla/ from cvs)
+ $ make -f mozilla/ checkout MOZ_CO_PROJECT=nss
+ $ make -f mozilla/ checkout MOZ_CO_PROJECT=nspr
+ $ make -f mozilla/ checkout MOZ_CO_PROJECT=xulbrowser
+ $ make xulbrowser-orig (will create a tarball suitable for firefox-trunk)
+ (or make ff3-orig, which is an alias)