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@@ -83,7 +83,8 @@ as .conf files. They contain the following parameters:
- MOZCLIENT_GETVERSION (mandatory): how to transform the version
- MOZCLIENT_GETDATE (mandatory): get the last commit date for the project
- MOZCLIENT_SEPARATOR (optional): separator between version and date (default: ~)
-- MOZCLIENT_TAREXCLUDE (optional): list of dirs/files to exclude from packaging
+- MOZCLIENT_TAREXCLUDE (optional): list of additional dirs/files to exclude
+ from packaging
- MOZCLIENT_EMBEDDED (optional): create an embedded tarball (default: 0)
- MOZCLIENT_WANTMOZDIR (optional): should the root dir be 'mozilla'?
(default: 0 unless MOZCLIENT_EMBEDDED=1)